How to Hold a Padel Racket like a Pro: Continental Grip

It is very important how we hold the Padel racket because the distances in this sport are very small and the ball arrives real quick, so we need to use a grip that can be useful for most shots since there is no time to rotate the racket between shots.


That is why in Redline we recommend using the Continental Grip.

  • Benefits of the continental Grip:

-Allows you to react quickly.

-Facilitates the hit below the waist.

-Helps to prevent injuries that stem from changing the grip.

-Allows you to easily perform flat strokes and backspin shots.

  • How to hold the racket:

-First, place an open hand on the face of the racket. Then slide the open hand from the edge to the handle of the racket.

Hold the racket in such a way that the V formed between your thumb and index finger is in line with the edge of the padel racket.

It might feel a bit uncomfortable at first but it is just a matter of time and practice!

If you want to know the basic Padel Rules, check this article.

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