5 Padel Tips and tricks for Beginners (and most common mistakes)

Don’t know how to start playing? Need some advice before your first game? Here you will find some Padel tips to help you start on the right foot.

  • Choose a racket with a soft core. It will be easier for you to handle it.
  • Don’t forget your shoes. Padel is a sport with fast movements, lots of jumps and turns. Therefore it is worth investing in a pair of padel shoes in order to prevent any injuries and give you a better playing experience. 
  • Warm up to avoid any possible injuries. As in any other sport, warming up must be a part of the routine and essential in preparing yourself for the game.
  • Take padel lessons. Although it is easy and fun to get started, you might build up wrong habits if you are not taught by a professional. Just a few lessons will help you learn the basic ideas of padel and become a better player.
  • Learn the basic shots. There are forehand and background shots, volleys, lobes, serves… Once you have learnt them correctly, you will be covered in most games. 

Bonus: Padel mistakes to avoid

Here we have put together the most common errors players make while playing padel. Take a look and avoid making them yourself!

  • Not moving your feet. It is the most frequent mistake players make, especially as beginners. If you don’t move your feet you are forced to hit the ball head-on and therefore cannot give the ball the movement that it needs. And it will be easier for your opponents to win the game.
  • Make a shot with the feet in front. You must shoot while standing with one foot ahead of the other one.
  • Preparing the racket too far back when going to hit the ball. This will slow down your attack.

If you are a beginner, we recommend you to check this article about the basic padel rules.

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