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Impeccable Padel Court Manufacturing Services in Dubai

You’re here to know about high-quality tennis padel equipment and padel court manufacturer in Dubai. At RedLine, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality products in the region at competitive prices. The first question about getting the tennis padel court built is its cost.


The RedLine offers to manufacture the highest quality padel courts so that you enjoy playing and watching tennis at your place for years or even decades. We strive to fulfill the clients’ requirements, which gives us a competitive edge.


We design and build tennis padel courts with panoramic, panoramic pro and 360 competition designs. Each padel tennis court cost depends upon the area, size, required material to build and many other factors. Then, the final cost is quantified and shared with the customer.

Spanish Padel Tennis Manufacturer

Redline Padel group is a unique Padel Hub located in the Middle East with presence in projects worldwide.

Our activity englobes:

  • Manufacturer: Padel courts Panoramic, 360 without pillars in corners and futpadel with the best quality.
  • Academy: Club and Court Managing in Dubai and rest of the UAE.
  • Shop: With the latest trend brands, rackets and sportswear.

Our strengths are: 48 hours delivery time in all Middle East Area offering the best quality under the European Standards UNE EN 1090.

  • Hot Galvanized Steel Frames With S275 Standard Quality.
  • Powder Coated Paint Applied Electrostatically & Oven Heated.
  • LED Lighting Designed Specifically For Padel Court Visibilit.
  • Best artificial Grass homologated by Spanish Padel Federation.
  • Certified Tempered Glass 10mm Or 12mm.
  • Own designs and calculations studies under patents.

We Take Care of Everything While Crafting a Padel Court

It’s a challenging job. Therefore, we pay full attention to each step to ensure everything runs smoothly. For instance, the padel tennis court dimensions vary according to its type and design. We focus on keeping the correct dimensions without missing any part.


Our team measures the overall padel tennis court size by visiting your location. The work on constructing a padel court only begins once we gather all the required figures after calculations. Many people also want to know the padel field price charged by us.


It also depends upon the size you want for the field. We have a highly expert team that manages everything in a highly appropriate manner.



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We install your Padel tennis court in 48 hours Guaranteed!

The Padel Court Installation

It is one of the crucial and exciting tasks at the same time. Crucial in the sense that we have to be highly careful to install the padel court without making any blunders. And is attractive due to experiencing the installation at newer places with different challenges. The padel court builder monitors everything after the execution of a project. They check in-depth to find any flaw or something that needs to be missed to fix anywhere in the padel court. The initial procedure requires ample time to gather the required materials and things for building. However, once the manufacturing starts, it turns out to be very interesting for the experts.


We believe in constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation and creating something special in every one of our padels. We only use the latest materials and technology combined with traditional craftsmanship to create a product. Our cutting-edge designs give us a unique edge in the industry, allowing us to make some of the most advanced rackets available today.


In addition, we understand how important it is for our customers to know their purchases are made from ethical sources. This is why all our materials are sourced from certified suppliers and have undergone stringent tests for quality assurance before making it into any finished product. We also conduct regular random sampling inspections on all our products to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

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Summing Up

At our Dubai-based facility, you can rest assured that we have your back as far as tennis padel goes. So, whether you’re looking for a beginner-level padel court or want something designed specifically for professional use, check our website for more information about what we offer.


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