5 things to know about PADEL

Though it is not an Olympic Sport still it is played by approximately 20 million people around the world. In Britain it is now accepted as a discipline of tennis.

Many are not familiar with this sport and often confuse it other racket sport. Here is a list of things for a quick introduction to Padel.

Where it came from

Padel was started by a businessman Enrique Corcuera in Mexico in year 1969. It is popular in many countries mostly in Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Sweden and Portugal. UK and USA also have a good number of people enjoying this sport. Padel is known as Pádel in Spanish.

Facts about Padel court

It is played in an enclosed court confined by walls of metal and glass and is one third of the size of a tennis court. Padel court installation needs to be done with lots of care as it requires concrete, wood, metal, glass and AstroTurf. The surface should allow the ball to bounce off. It is played in-door and out-door. The court wall is high with a fence on it. If built with exceptional care of quality and regular maintenance these courts remain good for approximately two decades.

How it is played

Padel is played with a racket by four players, two in each team. It’s a fast-paced fusion of Tennis and Squash which is appropriate for all ages involving physical skills into practice subsequently improving fitness and agility. Padel is played with a solid racket (read paddle) not a gutted strung racket. It is an easy sport, only needs learning and practice of basic technique. The standard duration of a match is mostly 90 minutes. Scoring and rules are almost the same as are in tennis but the ball is served under arm.

Comparison with Tennis

The rules are mostly the same as Tennis. It is easier to learn padel as compared to tennis. The court and racket are shorter than tennis, providing the player with close reach of the ball and back-to-back strokes. Padel court is one third of the size of Tennis court. As per rule the ball can bounce off any wall, but it cannot hit the astroturf more than once. Ball is slightly softer than a tennis ball.

About players

Often called as padelman and padelwoman, the players are also known as padeliste or padeleur. It can be played by people of all ages and capabilities as it does not require as much power as needed in squash. One doesn’t need much skill to play padel. No technical expertise is required. On the other hand, it is fun as it is a social and economic sport. It requires agility with body movements changing the direction quickly.

In short, pedal is a great sport and a perfect blend of Squash and Tennis. It is an easy sport to choose and a stress reliever. The simplicity of this sport makes it popular among the masses. It is an all-inclusive sport involving physical exercise, ensuring better fitness for all ages and capabilities.

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